Our Ingredients Policy

Our Ingredients Policy

Did you know that up to 60% of what is put onto skin is absorbed into the body?

At PHB Ethical Beauty we understand that what goes on to skin goes into skin. This is why all PHB products are handmade using 100% naturally derived and organic ingredients that are proven to be safe and effective.

As a living organ your skin responds to authentic and natural ingredients in the same way the rest of your body does. If you feed your body junk food it will look and feel unhappy; your skin is no different. 

In an ever changing world there are many new developments in the cosmetics industry. We keep our eyes, ears and minds open in order to constantly improve our product range. This stance is an on going commitment to all our customers.


100% Vegan

Our products are 100% Vegan & Vegetarian. The PHB Collection is registered with The Vegan Society UK.

“I certainly recommend PHB Ethical Beauty’s products to everyone who wants to live in tune with their beliefs, or anyone interested in products that are gentle on their skin and to the environment.” Jasmijn De Boo, CEO, The Vegan Society. 


Against Animal Testing

We do not test on animals and our company is strongly against animal testing. 

All PHB products are certified Cruelty Free. Our products are registered with BUAV Cruelty Free (British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection) and PETA's Beauty without Bunnies campaign. 

Fixed Cut Off Date: We have never and will never test on animals. All product ingredients and raw materials are sourced from companies who support our ethical stance and do not test any of their ingredients on animals. 

Certified Halal
?‘Halal’ in Cosmetics mean permitted or acceptable. It contains:
  • No Alcohol
  • No pig fat or Animal Derived Ingredients
  • No Sulfates and Parabens
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All products in the PHB Collection are Certified Halal

?‘Halal’ in Cosmetics mean permitted or acceptable. It contains:
  • No Alcohol
  • No pig fat or Animal Derived Ingredients
  • No Sulfates and Parabens
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by the Universal Halal Agency UK. 

Halal Certification guarantees PHB products are free from harsh Alcohols (like ethanol and denatured alcohol) and Free From Genetically Modified Ingredients. 

RAISE AWARENESS: Not enough is known about the safety or long term health implications of using Genetically Modified ingredients.  

Ethical & Eco-Friendly 

PHB products are made with respect for the earth. We use eco-friendly packaging that is fully recyclable. We source ingredients that are ethically harvested and where possible we support fair trade co-operatives and regeneration projects which provide assistance and stability to farmers & their local communities. We are dedicated to sourcing our ingredients responsibly and we want to help raise awareness about some of the un-ethical ingredients found in beauty products. 

Our Ethically Harvested Ingredients: The Minerals in our cosmetics are sourced from India where they are mined ethically. The owners of the mine help to fund schools and daycare centres so that the quality of life for their employees is fair. The Organic Shea Butter in our products comes from a women's Co-op in West Africa.  

Eco Friendly Packaging: We also use eco-friendly packaging that comes from post consumer recycled sources. Much of our packaging is 100% recyclable, including our Aluminium lids, PET Bottles and Glass Jars. We ask that you recycle your PHB packaging and do your bit to help the planet. Alternatively you can send it back to us or bring it back to our stores and we can do it for you! 

Palm Oil Policy

RAISE AWARENESS: Palm oil is a type of edible vegetable oil produced in Africa, Asia and South America. An astounding 85% of the Palm oil produced globally comes from Indonesia and Malaysia. The industry is linked to major issues such as deforestation, habitat degradation, climate change, animal cruelty and indigenous rights abuses in the countries where it is produced, as the land and forests must be cleared for the development of the oil palm plantations. To learn more visit: www.saynotopalmoil.com

Our Policy: The PHB Collection is entirely Palm Oil free. 

Organic Certified Ingredients

     At PHB we use a variety of Organic & Organic Certified ingredients across our range. All Organic ingredients are clearly marked in our ingredients listings and on product labels in accordance with     The Soil Association and COSMOS standards. Many products tell you the exact percentage of organic ingredients, such as our Facial Washes and Facial Cleansers. 

    As we juggle a number of considerations when sourcing our product ingredients we have decided not to have Organic Certification from an outside body at this time. We follow the same strict criterias set out by leading certification agencies, and we make it clear when a product contains Organic Certified ingredients. We are working towards attaining Organic Certification for products in our range in the near future. If you need any further information about a particular product feel free to contact us. 

Sensitive Skin & Allergy Sufferers 

PHB products are excellent for sensitive skin & allergy sufferers. Our prouducts are gentle to skin because we only use safe and natural ingredients. They are free from the skin irritating chemicals and harsh alcohols found in many mainstream beauty products.  

Eczema & Psoriasis: We provide specialised skin remedies for Eczema and Psoriasis. Try our Award Winning Skin Repair Gel, Gentle Skin Care Range and Extra Mild Body Care Range. 

Coeliacs, Gluten & Wheat Allergies: 

The following products are 100% Gluten Free: PHB Mineral Cosmetics, Face Washes, Facial Tonics, Serums, Eye Gels, Treatment Gels, Body Washes, Sugar Scrubs and Soaps. Products not mentioned on the list above may contain ingredients derived from Gluten or Wheat, however they are still suitable for those with Gluten allergies.

Our research: We have carefully researched the suitability of our products for Coeliacs and Gluten Allergy suffers alongside Coeliac UK, the oldest and largest Coeliac disease charity in the world. Together we have identified that all PHB producs are suitable for Coeliac and Gluten Allergy sufferers.

“Gluten only causes a problem if you eat it. It cannot be absorbed through the skin. It is unlikely that you would swallow enough lip balm or lipstick to cause a problem. If you are concerned then you should contact the manufacturers directly about specific products. It is possible to be sensitive to ingredients used in cosmetics, but this has nothing to do with coeliac disease specifically." Statement from Coeliac UK. 

Global Shea Alliance

We are members of the Global Shea Alliance, a non-profit organisation whose mission is to promote economically viable, environmentally and socially responsible shea nuts and shea product businesses, particularly ensuring that the people who gather the nuts to produce the butter (usually women) get a fair deal.

Flora & Fauna International

PHB are also proud to be featured in The Good Scrub Guide recently launched by Fauna & Flora International (FFI) the world’s longest established conservation charity.

RAISE AWARENESS: PHB only use natural exfoliating beads! We oppose the plastic microbeads used in most exfoliators which cause damage to sea life, the oceans and the environment.  

Fauna & Flora International have found that plastic microbeads in scrubs and exfoliators are causing untold damage to marine life. They have launched The Good Scrub Guide to assist consumers in selecting products that do not contain plastic and we are delighted to be featured. Our exfoliators are made using natural jojoba spheres that are gentle to skin.

Go to www.goodscrubguide.org  to find out more about the great conservation work FFI are involved with and to read about the increasing problem of plastic pollution to marine life.

The Ethical Company Good Shopping Guide

PHB received a high ranking score of 92 in The Ethical Company Good Shopping Guide- an excellent score!

The Ethical Company Organisation is working for animal welfare, human rights and the environment by providing clear information on companies for ethical shoppers. The Good Shopping Guide has become the world's best selling ethical shopping reference book and is now available online at www.thegoodshoppingguide.com 

Ingredients We Don't Use

 No Animal Ingredients

• No Alcohol
(ethyl alcohol, ethanol, alcohol denat.) 

• No Parabens

• No SLS / SLeS / ALS

• No PEGs

• No Artificial Colours or Fragrance

• No G.M Ingredients

• No Petrochemicals 

• No Phthalates

• No  Formaldehyde or releasers


• No Micro-plastics

• No Nano-sized Particles

• No Bismuth Oxychloride

• No Palm Oil

What we don't use and why:

Animal Ingredients: Very few people realise that some of the biggest names in beauty are still guilty of using animal derived ingredients including fats and oils in their products. Lipsticks and anti-aging creams are particular culprits. Unless a company makes it clear that they do not use animal derived ingredients it’s likely that some of their ingredients will be. Glycerin is the most common ingredient that you would encounter, followed by Stearic Acid- some brands go as far as using ingredients like animal placenta extract. Carmine is another key example as it is found in red lipsticks and the colour is actually created  by using  crushed cochineal beetles. We never use animal extracts and use natural, plant derived alternatives for these ingredients.

Alcohol: The alcohol that many people are familiar with are listed on cosmetics labels as 'Ethanol' or 'Denatured Alcohol'. To scientist, these are termed aliphatic alcohols. They can be very irritating to sensitive skin and can cause skin to dry out. Many well-known brands use alcohol to ‘fill out’ their products and as a cheap preservative. We never use aliphatic alcohol in our products, however you will see cetearyl/cetyl/stearyl/benzyl alcohols listed in our ingredients BUT these are completely different substances to aliphatic alcohol.

Cetearyl alcohol is a combination of cetyl and stearyl alcohol which are derived from coconut/palm oils. Benzyl alcohol occurs naturally in many plants and fruits. These ingredients have no intoxifying qualities or any similarities to (haram) aliphatic alcohol produced by fermentation.

Dr Mah Hussain-Gambles (Phd in Clinical Trials , MBE for services to the beauty industry and Head of European Halal

?‘Halal’ in Cosmetics mean permitted or acceptable. It contains:
  • No Alcohol
  • No pig fat or Animal Derived Ingredients
  • No Sulfates and Parabens
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Services)  is extremely knowledgeable and well respected in this area and advises on this subject.

"To the layman alcohol is a single substance, but scientifically speaking ‘Alcohol’ describes a whole group of substances with differing properties. Cetyl Alcohol and also Benzyl Alcohol are “alcohol-free” and acceptable as Halal ingredients. Cetyl Alcohol is a hard, wax like substance which is obtained from Coconut or Palm Oil and does not have any intoxifying qualities, or any similarities to Haram Alcohol . The reason for the apparent confusion is the difference between the terms used by scientists and those used by the general public "

Parabens: Parabens are a type of preservative used in many main-stream skincare and cosmetics. In recent years they have come under scrutiny as they’re believed to be ‘carcinogenic’ (an ingredient linked with causing cancer). For this reason none of our products contain parabens or formaldehyde-releasing preservatives such as dialyzed urea.

Plastic Microbeads: Scientists have found that plastic microbeads are contributing to marine pollution  Polyethylene is the main type of plastic microbead often used in exfoliators. Oxidised polyethylene, polyethylene terephthalate (PET), poly methyl methacrylate (PMMA) and polypropyleneare can all cause untold damage to marine life.

SLS/ Sodium Lauryl Sulphate:  SLS is an irritant to skin and eyes, and could have long term damaging effects as it is absorbed into the blood steam and has been proven to build up in essential organs including the eyes, brain and liver. Despite this evidence many main-stream brands continue to use this ingredient to get rid of grease and make products foam and ‘bubble up.’ It is used in many beauty products including shampoo, hand wash and toothpaste although it is completely unnecessary and there are natural alternatives. We also don't use SLeS or ALS. 

Synthetic Fragrances & Dyes: Synthetic Fragrance is also known as Parfum. Many main-stream beauty products use artificial fragrances and dyes to alter the smell and appearance of their products. Often, very bright and strongly smelling products will have been made using synthetic ingredients and they have been linked to skin irritation and reactions. We never use any synthetic fragrance or dyes. The smell of our products comes from the natural plant & fruit extracts and essential oils.

Nano-sized Minerals: In our mineral cosmetics we never use minerals that are processed into nano-sized particles. A nano-sized particle is under 0.1 micron. These particles are so small that it is thought they could enter the bloodstream and the research is inconclusive as to the possible effects. The minerals in our cosmetic products are all 3-4 microns.

Bismuth Oxychloride: This is a mineral that is found in many mainstream mineral cosmetic products. It is a by product of copper and lead processing and is often used as a filler to bulk out products. It is considered a skin irritant and responsible for itchiness and rashes especially for those with sensitive skin. None of our products contain this mineral.

Talc: Talc is similar in structure to asbestos and there have been inconclusive reports that it could lead to respiratorydisease. It is used in many mainstream cosmetic products as  a filler but has been known to cause irritation and allergic reactions. We do not use talc in any of our products.

Petrochemicals: Some cosmetic ingredients are derived from petrochemicals including: silicone, mineral oils, and propylene glycol to name a few. They are known irritants and can be harmful to the environment.