Ethical Soaps

Ethical Soaps

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Our 100% natural handmade soaps gently clean and moisturise skin. Perfect for face, body and hands.

Made lovingly by hand in small batches using skin nourishing Shea Butter and vitamin enriched Olive & Coconut oils in a pure plant base that's extra gentle to skin. The soap's foamy lather gently cleanses skin whilst moisturising, helping keep skin soft, clean and healthy. Perfect for sensitive skin, dry skin, eczema and psoriasis.

RAISE AWARENESS: PHB products do not contain Palm Oil.  FOR THE PLANET: Palm oil heavily contributes to deforestation. FOR ANIMALS: Palm oil is driving Orangutans and other endangered species to extinction. FOR HUMANS:  The Palm oil industry is riddled with human rights abuse. For these reasons the PHB Collection is 100% Free From Palm Oil and its derivatives. Learn more at:

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