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PHB Serums are the perfect addition to your skin care regime if your skin is in need of a loving boost. 

We have developed a unique pure gel formula that deeply penetrates, providing an organic nutrient boost to the lowest layers of skin.

Here the powerful plant extracts can truly make a visible improvement to skin tone, texture & radiance. Use your serum after cleansing & toning, and before applying moisturiser. Or you can use them instead of a moisturiser if in a hotter climate.  

Plus, we donate 20% of profits to charity so not only do our products work wonders for your skin but you are helping make a positive impact on peoples lives around the world!

Natural & Organic • Paraben free • Great for sensitive skin • Handcrafted in the UK • Noticeable results • 100% Vegan • No Animal Testing • Certified Halal

All PHB Products are free from: Animal Ingredients, Parabens, SLS, DEA, TEA, PEG, Palm Oil, Alcohol (ethyl alcohol, ethanol), Artificial perfumes/fragrance, Petrochemicals, Methylisothiazolinone, Phthalates, Colourants, Silicone, Mineral oils and Propylene Glycol. Our products have never been tested on Animals. Click here to view our ingredients policy.

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